Shepard Fairey Unveils His Latest Beatles Artwork


Artist Shepard Fairey, the creator of the iconic blue and red Barack Obama Hope poster, has released two pictures of George Harrison.

Frank Shepard Fairey is an American contemporary street artist, graphic designer activist and illustrator.

He began ‎posting pictures of former wrestler Andre the Giant in 1989 and making stickers with his trademark OBEY logo.

Fairey was asked by Dhani and Olivia Harrison to work on a portrait poster to coincide with the major reissue of George Harrison’s first six solo albums.

The eight-disc edition titled The Apple Years 1968-1975, features digitally remastered versions of the musicians’ first six solo records released between 1968 – 1975 on the Beatles’ Apple Records label.

Fairey said in a statement: “My parents were Beatles fans and introduced me to them at a young age. In college I grew to especially love the later Beatles albums like Sgt. Peppers, The White Album, and Abbey Road. George Harrison started to contribute more songs to the later Beatles albums that were just as strong as any Lennon-McCartney compositions.


I got George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” album a long time ago, but even as a kid listening to the radio I reacted very emotionally to the song “My Sweet Lord”. The song has a profound beauty and melancholy that is unique and powerful. I love George’s solo material musically, but what speaks to me most about George’s music and actions is his humanity and his soulfulness. When I say soulfulness I don’t mean his music sounds like soul music, even though I know that he was a fan of soul music, what I mean is that his music addresses the full spectrum of human emotions honestly.

I think George looked at himself as a world citizen, and not only brought international influences into his music, but was sensitive to human rights and politics around the globe. I’ve always seen music and art as amazing pleasures, but also as relatable vehicles to deliver a point of view. Art and music can invite people to think about something they might ordinarily not be interested in. George put together the Concert For Bangladesh as a way of using his music to benefit humanity. I admire that he went beyond just writing songs addressing issues, and used his significant cultural weight to be an activist and put something noteworthy together, both as a way of raising money for Bangladesh, and of publicizing the situation there. George is a hero.”


For more information on the posters check out George Harrison’s website.