Simon Coveney Warns Public To Ignore Covid-19 Rumours Online


The Tánaiste Simon Coveney has called for calm heads and is asking the public to put their trust in the Government and the HSE.

Mr Coveny was speaking on Newstalk Breakfast today when he asked that the general public ignore rumours circulating on social media platforms, The Irish Times reports.

The Tanaiste said the online messages that claim to reveal the government’s plans are untrue and irresponsible:

“I will say this very bluntly to people this morning, be very careful where you get your information from.

“Yesterday I got dozens of calls from people who thought that the country was going to move into lockdown at 11 o’clock this morning…”

“[That’s] because of a totally irresponsible message that was put up initially on Whats App and spread across social media, so there are all sorts of rumours spreading all around.”

Mr Coveney added: “We will make decisions based on public health advice, don’t pick up information from sources that are not reliable.”

According to Breaking News, Mr Coveney confirmed the Government will do everything it can to get the correct message across about what measures are needed and being taken.

“We will make decisions as we get advice from public health experts, we don’t expect any more dramatic messages immediately.”