Sinéad O’Connor Urges People To Attend Rally Against Hate In Dublin

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Sinéad O’Connor has urged people to attend the Rally Against Hate in Dublin.

The rally is to take place in Smithfield Market at 2pm this Saturday. The rally is also being organised by Le Cheile who are a cross-sectoral alliance that strive to challenge Ireland’s far right wing movement.

O’Connor also insists that she “doesn’t give a f**k” if she gets attacked by racists. The singer urged people to take on the bigots before the race riots break out in Dublin.

Sinéad insists that she is not afraid of right wing groups trying to intimate her over her stance. Her friend Imelda May has revealed that she still gets anonymous death threats over her poem “You Don’t Get To Be Racist And Irish”

O’Connor doesn’t “give a flying f”

 “I don’t give a flying f. I really couldn’t care less”, a defiant Sinéad O’Connor told the Irish Sun.

“We all need to be willing to die for one another, that’s how I see it”, she continued. “I am speaking out because we are heading in a very ­frightening direction where people are being allowed to incite racial hatred, and misguided people are joining right-wing groups”. 

O’Connor than asked the question, “Why aren’t the people inciting racial hatred being arrested?”.

She then issued the following warning, “If something is not done, we are heading towards a point where we will have race riots on our streets”. 

“All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing”, she added.

 “I’m appealing to all young people to attend to have their voices heard”, O’Connor added. “I object to the fact that these people have usurped the word nationalist, they have also usurped the Irish flag”. 


Sinéad O’Connor released her memoirs “Rememberings” earlier this month. No surpise to hear that “Nothing Compares 2 U” gets mentioned.

Sinéad O’Connor did her cover of Prince’s track in 1990 and achieved huge success globally following its release. Most people have often associated the track as a lover’s ballad. But to O’Connor, it resembles something completely different.

O’Connor wrote in her memoir that song is about her mother who passed away when Sinéad was just sixteen years old. More on that here.