Sinn Féin Bill Aims To End Discrimination On Basis of Accent or Social Class

Sinn Fein TD for Dublin Bay South- Chris Andrews.

Sinn Féin will aim to create a new law to end discrimination on the grounds of accent or social class.

While laws already offer protection on grounds of gender, age, sexual orientation, religion and race, it does not directly cover social class.

Deputy Chris Andrews, TD for Dublin Bay South says “This bill will expand the protection of both acts to prohibit against discrimination on the basis of disadvantaged socio-economic status.

“Along with accent; poverty, source of income, illiteracy, level of education, address, type of housing, homelessness, employment status, and social or regional accent.

“What this will do is send out a message that discrimination on socio-economic grounds is unacceptable.”

The Sinn Féin TD hears of daily concerns and issues raised by his constituents in the south inner city.

He said: “I know one family who was turned away from a private gym, because they were told they didn’t want people like them who might cause anti-social behaviour.

In one example, a constituent from one flat complex – who had a master’s degree and is fluent in Portuguese – reported to me that after submitting a video application for a job in a multinational company, he was contacted by a concerned employee who was concerned about the abuse that was going on. They called him a k****er, and they used lots more disparaging comments as well.

He said it would allow cases be heard and give disadvantaged people “the tools to address their concerns“.