Six60 To Perform Live In Front Of 50,000 In Auckland’s Eden Park Next Month


New Zealand’s Six60 have announced that they will perform to a crowd of 50,000 people next month at Auckland’s Eden Park. This stadium plays host to iconic rugby team, the All Blacks. It will be the first time that the band will perform at the venue.

This is the biggest live event to take place in the country since the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

The band announced they are to perform in the stadium on April 24.


Six60 are currently the biggest touring band on the planet. They have been performing huge shows in their Covid-free native country New Zealand.

In January, we brought you the news that the band performed in front of a 20,000 crowd in Waitangi. Fans were not even required to wear masks or be socially distant at the event.

Last month, the band’s gig at Claudelands Oval became the first concert to be performed live on Tik Tok.

Some of the band’s hits also include “Rise Up 2.0”, “Don’t Forget Your Roots” and “Special”.

“We can’t wait”

Six60’s frontman, Matiu Walters released the following statement, where he praised the “hard work” of the New Zealand community which helped to make this possible.

“It’s no secret that SIX60 have wanted to play Eden Park for some time now”, he said.

He also added, “We always felt that it was important a kiwi band should play the first show at our national stadium”.

“Because of the hard work that New Zealand has done as a community we’re in the privileged position to be able to perform to an audience of this size. It’s a great reward, we’re stoked that it’s become a reality and it’s a real honour to bring our show to the garden of Eden. We can’t wait”. 

The Six60 frontman also spoke last month about the importance of live shows. He said that going to gigs is important for the “well-being” and “mental health” of musicians and fans alike.

At the time Walters said, “I think over the past year, we’ve all learnt that there will never be a replacement for live music”.

He also added, “Live shows are so important for musicians, because not only is it how we earn money, but they’re so vital for our mental health. It’s the same for music fans as well, you need gigs for your own well-being”.