Slash Doesn’t Remember His Early Gigs As They Were A ‘Drunken Kind Of Thing’


Slash has admitted that he does not remember too many of his early shows due to his use of alcohol.

As well as his exploits with Guns N’Roses, Slash also formed a blues covers band, named Slash’s Blues Balls.

The band who were formed in 1996, also included members Teddy “Big Bag Zig Zag” Andreadis, Johnny Griparic, Alvino Bennet, Bobby Schneck and Dave McLaurin.

“I do not recall any of those gigs” – Slash

However, in a new interview, Slash has revealed that he was in fact too drunk to remember the band’s early shows.

“It was such a drunken kind of thing, and it was just for the fun of it”, he said. “I do not recall any of those gigs”. 

On how the band came about, Slash also continued: “When I first met them, a couple of the guys, they were playing in a band called The Screaming Cocktail Hour, which was a great blues band that used to play at the local Rogie’s and Baked Potato and Cozy’s and all these small little blues dives around L.A”. 

“And I would go and hang out with them and get there 10 or 11pm and jam until two o’clock in the morning”, he added.

“I got a couple of other guys and so we started doing the same circuit, but then that turned into an actual tour, and we did it on and off for a couple of years, even managed to make it to Europe”. 

Slash did also reveal that the setlist from these shows inspired his latest blues covers album, ‘Orgy Of The Damned’.

Last month, Slash had said that 2025 is to be a busy one for Guns N’Roses.

The guitarist stated that once he is finished his ongoing work with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, 2025 will be “all about Guns N’Roses”. More on this here.