Slash Reveals The Amount Of New GNR Songs Being Written


According to a poster on MyGNRForum, guitar master Slash has said he has a folder stored on his phone for new Guns N’ Roses song sketches. The axeman maintains he has 80 new riffs and song ideas which are placed between a GNR and Conspirators folder.

The online poster known as ‘Betterman’ wrote on the forum, “In the latest Sweden rock Magazine there is an interview with Slash. It focuses on The Conspirators and the interviewer is strictly told not to ask about Guns n Roses, but late in the interview Slash himself talks about how he stores his ideas on his cell phone. He has over 80 ideas, riffs etc which are not used and is sorted in Conspirators and one for new Guns N’ Roses music. The interviewer then asks when/if we can expect a new GNR album, and Slash just smiles and says he can’t talk about that Its all up to Axl it seems, Slash is ready for a new album! :)”

Slash recently opened up about working on new Guns N’ Roses tracks, but said that there weren’t any solid plans on the table for a new record. A few years ago, Axl Rose claimed that he had played new songs he had been writing over the years to Slash and Duff McKagan. Axl Rose has many unreleased songs from the Chinese Democracy sessions, and the decade following the release of the album. Here’s hoping Axl focuses on the folder marked ‘After Chinese Democracy’.

Meanwhile, the ever-prolific guitar man has been working on new music with The Conspirators. The band had taken a break after Slash jumped back onto the GNR rock behemoth tour monster. In between legs of the uber-successful reunion stint, Slash and Myles Kennedy were able to finish off a new album.

“Driving Rain” kicks off with a raw riff from Slash, who recently said in a press release, “This is a riff I specifically remember playing with the guys for the first time at a venue in New Hampshire on the World on Fire tour. It’s a cool guitar part we ran through, and from that point forward the rest of the song started to come together in my mind while on the road.” Listen Below…

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