Slash Reveals He Is The Person Behind His Instagram Account


Instagram users following the official account of rock legend, Slash will be all too familiar with how crazy the content can get. With many feeling it could be a parody account, the guitarist revealed he actually pretty much does all of the posting himself.

Posting quite frequently on the platform, Slash has shared a variety of media on his page – including a Valentine’s post of the “love of my life, @meeganhodges.” There are also a couple of promo videos he has shared recently in support of his latest album with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, 4. 

However, Slash is also known to randomly share some fairly ‘out there’ posts as well, including graphic animations, horror-themed content, and birthday posts for fellow rockers. In an interview with iHeart Radio, the guitarist explains the mystery behind his content-sharing strategy.

I do all my own Instagram stuff, except for, there’s certain things that have to do with, like, merchandise that’s for sale, and an office does that. But I do all the other stuff,” the guitar legend said. “And the majority of stuff that I find, if you notice, I just re-post other peoples’ sh**. Because I don’t have time… you can spend countless hours going down the rabbit hole, finding images online in general.”

It’s me, I physically do it. I couldn’t imagine anybody having to do that sh** for me,” he concluded. Slash added that he follows a lot of “interesting people” in a bid to gain inciteful posts, which he would ‘like’ and bookmark for another day’s use.

Check out the interview clip in the video below and listen to Slash talk about his sharing habits. Definitely worth a follow, fans will soon grow to love the guitarist’s weird side show up on their timeline. However, be sure to keep the screen dimmed while around others as there can be some fairly crazy images! One commenter wrote on one of his recent photos, “Can we get Slash’s mom to take his phone away.”

Instagram - Slash
Instagram – Slash