Slaughter Of The Innocent As Geronimo Pays Price With His Life For Owners Incompetence

Geronimo the Alpaca

British government vets have put down an alpaca, which gained headlines when its owner claimed positive test results for bovine TB were wrong.

Thousands signed a petition supporting Geronimo, who lived on a farm in Gloucestershire.

Geronimo, which tested positive for bovine tuberculosis twice, has been put down by vets under orders from the government to “prevent the spread of disease“.

Geronimo’s owner, Helen Macdonald, disputed DEFRA‘s decision and tried to stop it going ahead by taking the department to court. The case received widespread public attention and prompted campaigners to protest at Macdonald’s farm in Gloucestershire and in Westminster.

Chief Veterinary Officer Christine Middlemiss said said the animal needed to be put down to minimise the spread of bovine tuberculosis, which is “ultimately eradicate the biggest threat to animal health in this country.”

She said: “Not only is this essential to protect the livelihoods of our farming industry and rural communities, but it is also necessary avoid more TB cases in humans.”