Small Beginners Drum Kit For Sale!


Tommy’s Roller Coaster Kit is on the market! The Band’s show in Atlantic City on Saturday was the last for the jaw-dropping piece of set.

The Crue introduced Lee’s set during their 2011 tour, and after serving faithfully in so many shows, they felt the need to give it a proper send-off. This included social media messages and a bottle of champagne smashed over the coaster before it was shipped off to the scrap yard.”Bye Bye Rollercoaster of Love!” tweeted Lee.

“Man we’ve given so many people the thrill of a lifetime together! all the
crazy f**kers who’ve I’ve strapped in with me who had the balls to ride
with me and all the spectators that have watched from a far! Cheers to
ya all! This ones for the history books kids! We did it! On to design
the next Spectacular!” he posted on the group’s Facebook page.

The Crue will play festival shows this summer before their return to Las Vegas for a second residency in Autumn.

An “Evening In Hell” sees the group back at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for an exclusive 12-show run from September 18.