Smashing Pumpkins Unveil Two New Songs For Upcoming ‘Cyr’ Double Album

LP features 20 tracks, including the title track “Cyr” and “The Colour of Love”

Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins have recently announced their new double album, Cyr, is due out November 27th. It is their eleventh full-length album and a follow-up to 2018’s Shiny and Oh So Bright Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun.

The latest LP from the alternative rock band features twenty tracks, including the previously released title track ‘Cyr’. The band have now treated fans with two new releases. “Anno Satana” and “Birch Grove” where aired this past Thursday, at midnight.

The upcoming album was recorded in Chicago with singer Billy Corgan as producer. Billy previously stated that new album, Cyr, is “dystopic folly” and that it can be seen as “one soul against the world”. The Pumpkin frontman said, “To me it stands as both hopeful and dismissive of what is and isn’t possible with faith.”

The album comes in conjunction with the five-episode animated video series, In Ashes, created and written by frontman Billy Corgan. The series supplements the group’s upcoming album, expanding on themes presented in the 20-song release. Anno Satana will be the soundtrack to third episode of the band’s five-part animated series.

This installment continues with the animation’s main characters of the series. The pair wander into a cult-like ritual before being discovered and captured by its robe-wearing members. In total, five episodes are due to release but we will have to wait for the next instalment to find out what happens to our protagonists.

Cyr marks Smashing Pumpkins’ second LP since their semi-reunion with guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlain. The album is also the band’s first with Sumerian Records, who recently signed the multi-platinum rock band, August of this year.

Smashing Pumpkins’ new double album Cyr is available for pre-order now and is due to be released on November 27th.