Snow Patrol Return With New Music And Tour


Snow Patrol have announced their return to music in a big way with a new album and tour.

The band who consist of new line up Gary Lightbody, Nathan Connolly and Johnny McDaid, will kick off this tour in Paris on January 30. A tour which will see them come to Dublin’s 3Arena on 25 February 2025.

Tickets go on sale next Friday (June 7) at 10am via Ticketmaster.

This tour will also include stops at Zurich, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Hull, Glasgow, Manchester, as well as Dublin and Belfast. See more on this here.

‘The Forest Is The Path’ 

Snow Patrol will return with this tour in support of their new album, ‘The Forest Is The Path’, which arrives this September.

The album itself was written by Gary Lightbody, Nathan Connolly and Johnny McDaid, and includes contributions from Will Reynolds, Fraser T Smith, Roy Kerr, and Troy Van Leeuwen. It also includes painting from Gary Lightbody in the artwork.

It is an album which focuses on the idea of love from the distance of time, according to Lightbody.

He said: “I haven’t been in a relationship for a very long time, 10 years or more, so love from a distance to me meant the way a relationship sits in your memory from a distance of, say, 10 years”.

“That’s not something I’d previously thought about as away to write about love. So it’s like, when you’re in love, you’re standing in the lobby of the Empire State Building. When you’ve broken up with that person, you’re out in the street. You can still see the building, but you’re not in there anymore. And when it’s 10 years later, now you’re standing in Brooklyn looking at the Manhattan skyline”. 

The band have also previewed this album with their brand new single, ‘The Beginning’. 

“The first day we wrote The Beginning, start to finish”, Lightbody added.

Johnny McDaid also commented: “And he did the vocal in one take”. “Straight after writing the lyrics. So it has this mind-collapsing quality to it where you feel like you’re seeing into someone’s soul”.

Check out ‘The Beginning’ below.