Sony Admit To Releasing Fake Michael Jackson Music


8 years ago, several tracks were released that were alleged to be recorded by the late great Michael Jackson. Now, Sony music has admitted to releasing fake Michael Jackson music.

Four years on from their release, a fan questioned the music’s credibility, which caused many people to believe that the music was fraudulent despite claims to the contrary. Now, nearly three years following that scandal, Sony Music Entertainment has confessed to liability in releasing and selling fake tracks by the late pop icon.

The fraudulent tracks that have been identified appear on the 2010 compilation album, Michael. The record is a posthumous collection of Jackson’s work

The tunes in question include, “Keep Your Head Up,”  “Monster,” and “Breaking News.” Official documents obtained by the site, Karen Civil. reveal the fan, Vera Servia, who kickstarted the investigation into the fake MJ songs proceeded to file a civil suit, which accused Jackson’s friends, James Victor Porte, Eddie Cascio, and his production company, Angelikson Productions LLC of producing and selling music through Sony and the Jackson estate.

At first, Porte and Cascio initially maintained that the songs were produced and recorded in Cascio’s basement in 2007. However, the Jackson family and uber fan Serova argued against those claims. While the tracks did sound similar to Jackson’s sound, they insisted that Michael never recorded them. Serova gave a testimony in the Los Angeles Superior Court that they were recorded by an impersonator named Jason Malachi.

Sony Music Entertainment has conceded in court, that it had released fake singles. It remains to be seen if fans or Jackson’s estate will be awarded for the criminal behaviour or whether there will be a monetary punishment for Sony.

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