Soundgarden Plan To Make A New Album


Although Chris Cornell is currently on tour promoting his new solo album Higher Truth, it seems plans to record a new album with Soundgarden aren’t too far away.

In a new interview with the Hartford Courant, Cornell spoke about how he got into songwriting and what’s next for him and Soundgarden. Cornell spoke about the origins of his solo career “I got into the singer-songwriter thing when we were super loud and aggressive. I didn’t want to listen to that type of music when I was offstage.”

Cornell also spoke about how much he enjoys playing solo shows “When I did the solo acoustic tour in 2010, I fell in love with that kind of performance. Making an album like this was harder than I thought it would be but it ushered me into a whole new world of songwriting.”

He also said that being a singer-songwriter has made him more open in general “I’ve learned that you have to have an open mind as a recording artist. You have to open yourself up to possibility.”

He was then asked about what’s next for Soundgarden, to which he said “Soundgarden is in the middle of writing songs. After this tour the songs will become real and we’ll put an album out. There’s much more to Soundgarden. I get to play with my band and I get to go solo. It’s great for me.”

Photo Credit: Focka