Soundgarden Share Clip Of Rehearsals With Unknown Singer


Drummer Matt Cameron has shared a new Soundgarden rehearsal video for the ‘I Am The Highway: A Tribute To Chris Cornell’ show. In the clip, we can hear and see the band rehearsing “The Day I Tried To Live.”

The vocals that can be heard in Cameron’s video post are very similar to the late Chris Cornell. As Alternative Nation reports it seems they’ve either enlisted the help of a special guest singer, or they’re rehearsing to a backing track of Cornell.

soundgarden, Soundgarden Share Clip Of Rehearsals With Unknown Singer

It’s reported that the only confirmed guest vocalist for Soundgarden so far is Marcus Durant. The Zen Guerilla singer has performed with Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron in the punk rock reunion of MC50 pictured above.

As well as Durant, remaining members of Temple of the Dog and Audioslave and are set to perform as well as Metallica, Foo Fighters and Ryan Adams.

For obvious reasons ‘The Day I Tried To Live’ as well as other songs like “Pretty Noose” and “Like Suicide.” were not part of the career retrospective following Chris Cornell’s Tragic death.

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