Soundgarden’s Ben Shepard Has Released Solo Music!


Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd has released a solo acoustic music video for the track “Collide,” from his recently released debut solo album In Deep Owl. The clip was filmed at Shepherd’s home in Seattle. Shepherd released In Deep Owl on August 27th, making him just the second member of Soundgarden after singer Chris Cornell to issue a solo project.

Shepherd admitted in a new interview with the Irish Times that he went through a rough patch after Soundgarden broke up in 1997, recalling, “Not only did Soundgarden break up, Hater (Shepherd’s side project) broke up and my personal life fell apart all at once. I was totally gutted and cut adrift, basically. I never got back on my feet enough to actually, you know, do the music industry thing . . . I was just kinda floating.”

Ben is on NOVA tonight at 6!