State To Fight Gerry Hutch’s Bid To Have Taxpayer Pay Legal Bills

Gerry Hutch - Screen Shot

The judges who presided over the Regency Hotel murder trial have agreed to hear Gerry Hutch’s application for his legal fees to be paid by the taxpayer.

Last month, the man known as ‘The Monk’ was found NOT guilty of murdering Kinahan associate, David Byrne, at a boxing event at the hotel in 2016.

Almost as soon as he was told he was free to go last month, Gerry Hutch indicated his intention to apply for the legal bill arising from his 52-day murder trial to be paid by the State.

Today, the court was told the Director of Public Prosecutions intends to oppose his application with a hearing due to take place on Friday.

Meanwhile, two men who didn’t walk free from court last month were back before the judges today.

Jason Bonney, of Drumnigh Wood in Portmarnock; and Paul Murphy, of Cherry Avenue in Swords, were found to have assisted with the getaway after the attack at the Regency hotel.

At their sentence hearing today, their lawyers pleaded for leniency, claiming their roles were far less serious than those higher up the ladder.

They’ll both be sentenced on Friday.