‘Stay Indoors’ Warning Lifted As Storm Emma Blizzard Passes


The country has been in lockdown since 4pm yesterday but the public safety advice for people to shelter indoors has been withdrawn as the blizzard conditions have passed.

An assessment will be carried out later to prioritise response efforts to Storm Emma. The public is being thanked for heeding warnings in relation to the severe weather.

A red weather warning is still in place for Leinster, Munster and Galway until 6pm. An orange warning is in effect for the rest of the country.


Met Eireann’s John Eagleton says the worst of the weather has passed but it will remain cold: “Snowfall will continue today and we have re-issued the red warning across for Lesinter and Munster and then overnight tonight it will become more patchy. It will turn to outbreaks of rain on Saturday but it will still be cold temperatures remain low for the week – they don’t get into double figures at all for the next ten days nearly.”