Love Both Says ‘It’s Still All To Play For’ After Referendum Poll


The Love Both organisation, which is campaigning for a No vote in the upcoming abortion referendum, says it’s still all to play for.

The latest IPSOS/MRBI poll for the Irish Times shows 44% of people say they’ll vote Yes next Friday – a drop of three points since April.

The poll, which surveyed 1,200 adults this week, showed an increase of four points for the No campaign at 32% while 17 % of people are still undecided.


The #HearMeOut initiative is urging people who have been negatively affected by the 8th amendment to have a conversation with those who haven’t yet made up their mind.

Musician and songwriter Christy Moore explains why he’s voting Yes:

“I support the right for women to have a choice, my mother, my sisters, my a wife and all my family feel the same way – and to call on people to vote and to use your vote…look into your own conscience.”