Stone Roses New Album Is On The Way


After mysterious posters in the London Underground lead fans to believe that Coldplay would be releasing a new album, it appears the same is true for The Stone Roses.

Now posters have been spotted in Manchester showing a picture of a lemon. Fans have been quick to point out that it bears a resemblance to the lemon that appeared on the cover of the band’s debut album.

This lead many fans to believe that something very big is coming form the band. The initial reaction is that the band have planned a new album, there are also suggestions that it could mean a new tour is also on the way.

The Stone Roses are expected to make a big announcement today at around 7pm to address the posters. This lead many people to believe that a big gig is on the way i.e Glastonbury 2016.

A lucky fan managed to bump into Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown on the streets of Manchester, and Brown told him “A new album & a big gig will happen in 2016”. You can take a look at the tweet from the fan here.

It seems like we will have to wait until later this evening to get final conformation on their plans. In the meantime you can take a look at some of the posters in Manchester here.

Photo Credit: Mira Shemeikka