Stones Sell Out London’s Hyde Park


Tickets gone “in seconds”

In total, it took less than 5 minutes for all 65,000 tickets to sell out after public bookings opened at 9am. This has given rise to several rumours that a second date could follow.”Basically, we sold 65,000 tickets in the speed the system could handle it. If the system
could handle it in seconds, we would have probably sold out in seconds. There
are all these other artists out there this year — we’ve got Bruce Springsteen,
Justin Timberlake, Bon Jovi — but the tickets went as quickly as the system
could do it” said concert promoter Rob Hallett.

Hallett also promised that anyone who had secured a basic £95 ticket would be able to get a ringside view on July 6.

“The band wanted the regular ticket-holders to be right at the
front of the stage…not 200 yards away” he
said. “The
people who have coughed up for hospitality packages will get looked after in a
way they have never known before. But when the doors open, if you can run
faster than the next guy, it will be like any other general admission gig.”

Forget Sympathy for the Devil.. Sympathy for YOU if you missed out!

So who is getting the ferry!?