Struggling To Pick Baby Names? Find Out What’s Trending Now…


You know what they say – you never realise how many people you’re not a fan of until you pick a name for your baby! Lol

We’re finicky to be fair – and who can blame us? It has been proven that 83% of Irish parents believe naming their baby is one of the most important decisions they’ll make for their tot.

Moreover, research has shown that parents have certain trends when it comes to the defining moment and it is surprising to say the least…

Research reveals differences in name preferences, depending on what part of the country you live in as people in Leinster are seven times more likely to choose a celebrity name for their baby than those living in Munster and more surprisingly dads-to-be are more likely to choose a location based name than mums to be!

And for some good news when it comes to baby naming techniques, Irish parents have revealed they draw their inspiration from Irish and Celtic names.

Baby Names, Struggling To Pick Baby Names? Find Out What’s Trending Now…

Nonetheless, it can sometimes be difficult to find ‘the one’ but with thanks to C&G Babyclub ‘Baby Name Generator’ naming your newborn is set to become a whole lot easier.

The new tool is set to help new parents explore a world of baby names, with over 50K names available to explore and match the perfect name for you and your baby.

The Baby Name Generator allows prospective parents filter their search by boys names, girls names, unisex, origins, seasons, style or by the letter you want the name to begin with while there is also an option to generate a surprise name for some inspiration.

If you need a little inspiration or simply need to filter your naming choice – just visit

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