Student Gardaí To Skip Final Training To Assist With Covid-19


Student gardaí training at Templemore are to be sworn in early as part of a new coronavirus policing plan.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris is anticipated to make the announcement of the unprecedented decision today.

The students at the Tipperary facility will skip the final months of their training and become fully qualified gardaí immediately.

A number of the trainees have been in attendance at the college for just over a month and were being given rapid training before their deployment.

Gardaí are to increase the level of high visibility to support communities and businesses, while the Taoiseach says the Defence Forces are also on standby if needed.

Meanwhile, army Forces are set to go on stand-by as further steps to protect the country from Coronavirus are escalated.

Dublin Live maintains that the Irish Defence Forces are preparing to officially go on Yellow Alert from Monday. However, this assertion is unconfirmed.