Sublime with Rome: We’re Not Breaking Up



Story by Charles Ken

Sublime with Rome are searching for a touring drummer

After frontman Bradley Nowell’s passing in 1996 brought an end to the group Sublime, surviving band members Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh dabbled in the Long Beach Dub All-Stars and finally, in 2009, started Sublime with Rome, featuring new lead singer Rome Ramirez. Now, with drummer Bud Gaugh’s recent announcement that he’s leaving the band, the future of Sublime’s catalog once again seemed in jeopardy.

To squelch any rumors of a permanent break, Sublime with Rome took to their official website yesterday (Dec. 12) to announce that, no, they are not calling it quits. “Hey Everyone – it’s definitely been a crazy weekend,” the band’s note reads. “There have been some misunderstandings and miscommunication on what exactly is going down with us, so we wanted to set the record straight.”

First of all, the band says to, “rest assured that Sublime with Rome is NOT breaking up. Our brother Bud is about to have a baby and, understandingly, taking some time off to be with his family. We couldn’t be happier for him and welcome him back out on the road with us as soon as he needs a break from the diapers and baby bottles.”

Sublime with Rome went on to say they have some major touring plans set for 2012 and promise to shed some light on those soon. They’re talking to some “drummer friends” right now to find the right fit for their touring kit-sitter. However, the guys say Josh Freese of A Perfect Circle and Devo — who was heavily rumored to be joining the band — is a no-go. “Which brings us to the second thing…there’s been some talk (and wishful thinking on our part) of bringing in our good friend / drummer extraordinaire Josh Freese, but unfortunatelym he’s busy with some other commitments and we’re not sure if it could work or not.

“What we are sure about is how excited we are to hit the road again in the New Near and see all of you. You’ve embraced Sublime with Rome and our music, and, at the same time, helped us continue to share the music of Sublime and its legacy, keeping Brad’s music alive. You’re the best. Have a great holiday and see you in 2012.” So, Sublime with Rome fans, rest assured the gents are here to stay! (Photo credit: Marc Thomas Kallweit via Fueled by Ramen.)