Substantial Case Number Reduction Amid Compliance With Ongoing Measures

NPHET - Dr Ronan Glynn - Acting Chief Medical Officer

Covid-19 cases here are “substantially” reduced, and the number of patients in critical care has “stabilised“.

That’s the message from the acting chief medical officer as 403 more cases are reported tonight, and no patient deaths.

Last week saw a 7% reduction in the number of new infections, following a 22% reduction the week before.

The 14-day rate is 115 per 100,000 people.

Dr Ronan Glynn says vaccination isn’t behind the general decline in infection ”The improvements that we’ve seen over recent weeks are down to population level measures and compliance with those measures as opposed to vaccination, which obviously has had a very significant impact on heathcare workers in our residence of nursing homes and increasingly in the 85-year-old age group and the 80 plus.”