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8th Amendment Canvassing Continues

The 'Yes' campaign appears to have a significant lead, as we head into the final week of the 8th Amendment referendum...

Google Follows Facebook In Banning Ads Before Referendum

Google is banning all ads related to the referendum to repeal the eighth amendment. The Internet search giant says the move...

Facebook To Reject Foreign Ads On Eighth Amendment

Facebook is no longer accepting referendum related ads from advertisers based outside of Ireland. The Social Media giant today confirmed they want...

1 In 5 People Undecided On Abortion Referendum

Elaine Stenson
Most people are in favour of repealing the 8th amendment, according to a new poll. But support for the yes side has...

New Voters Urged to Register For Referendum On The 8th

The Together for Yes campaign have today launched their #Register4Yes voter registration drive to encourage people to make sure they are...

Coveney’s Plans For A Lock On Abortion Laws Dubbed Unconstitutional

David Layde
Simon Coveney's plans for a two thirds majority lock on new abortion laws is unconstitutional according to opposition TDs. The Tánaiste...

Tánaiste Wants Abortion Legislation To Include A Two-Thirds Majority Lock

Elaine Stenson
The Tánaiste wants proposed new abortion legislation to include a two-thirds majority lock to prevent it being easily changed in the...

Tánaiste’s Turnaround On Abortion Without Restriction

Elaine Stenson
In a surprise move, the Tánaiste has backed abortion without restriction for up to 12 weeks gestation. Simon Coveney had been opposed...

Second Stage Bill For Referendum Passes Comfortably In Dáil

The outcome of the second stage vote on the Referendum Bill to repeal the 8th amendment proved clear and conclusive in...

Garda Investigation Launched After 12-Year-Old Has Abortion At British Clinic

A Garda investigation is underway after a 12-year-old Irish girl had an abortion in Britain. Clinic staff alerted authorities here and efforts...

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