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Google Follows Facebook In Banning Ads Before Referendum

Google is banning all ads related to the referendum to repeal the eighth amendment. The Internet search giant says the move...

Facebook To Reject Foreign Ads On Eighth Amendment

Facebook is no longer accepting referendum related ads from advertisers based outside of Ireland. The Social Media giant today confirmed they want...

Facebook Users To Find Out Today If Their Data Was...

Elaine Stenson
Facebook users will find out from today whether their data was taken without them knowing. 87 million people - including 45 thousand...

45,000 Irish People Affected By Facebook Data Sharing Scandal

Elaine Stenson
Facebook has confirmed that up to almost 45,000 people in Ireland may have had their personal data improperly accessed by Cambridge...

Facebook Agrees Major Deal With Warner Music

David Layde
Similar to a deal they struck with UMG, Facebook has now signed a new licensing agreement with Warner Music. The new deal...

Mark Zuckerberg Unveils New Mission Statement For Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled a new mission statement for Facebook at a community summit meeting in Chicago. “For the past 10 years,...

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