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Stones Roll To A Stop Tonight

The Rolling Stones will wrap their  50 & Counting Tour tonight, at London's Hyde Park. Highlights on the tour included the two trek closing spots...

50 Years Later.. Stones At Glasto!

Weren't there?? Here's what you missed! "I'm going to tell you something, you know it's great to be here doing this show,"...

Stones Set Twitter Ablaze

The Rolling Stones wowed Glastonbury last night with a 20-song set of crowd-pleasing numbers. The words Jagger and Stones have been...

Stones First Glasto Massive Success

The Rolling Stones did not disappoint at their first ever Glastonbury performance last night. 69 year old Mick joked with the...

Stones (FINALLY) Roll Into Glastonbury!

It's been a long time coming but now it's here! The Rolling Stones are expected to play to over 150,000 people at the...

The Stones Speak Ahead Of Glastonbury

The band express their excitement about the festival. Ahead of their headline performance at this weekend's Glastonbury Festival, the band have posted the below video on their official YouTube channel, featuring Mick Jagger and Keith Richards...

Rolling Stones Release iTunes Collection


The band continue their 50th anniversary celebrations by launching a one-stop destination for their discography.

The Rolling Stones destination on the iTunes Store will feature all of the band's indispensable classic studio albums in pristine sound quality, from their eponymous 1964 debut, The Rolling Stones, No. 2 in 1965, to 1968's Beggars Banquet, Sticky Fingers in 1971, Exile On Main St. in 1972 and beyond, providing a handy one-stop opportunity for aficionados to acquire their catalogue.

The store will also feature the band's critically-acclaimed live albums and compilations including the latest Greatest Hits release ‘GRRR!’.

Jagger’s Q interview


Read the first excerpts from the magazine here!

Mick Jagger talks about The Rolling Stones, playing Glastonbury and Hyde Park, camping, Twitter and how he still has to work to prove himself.

In the exclusive interview with Q magazine they ask why it’s taken so long for The Rolling Stones to play Glastonbury?

"You know we’ve never been asked before,” he said. He is planning on making his first Glastonbury appearance a family affair – setting up camp with his daughters, Jade and Elizabeth. "I’ve got nothing else to do, and I want to spend some time with my family. [Daughters Jade and Elizabeth] bring these yurts. Will I get hassled? Depends where I go. I think everyone will be pretty laid back.”

It creates an intriguing image, the global superstar walking through the Green Fields with his daughters acting as tour guides, but he explains: "I don’t need them to show me the cool places to go. I’m sure I can find some places of my own that are much cooler.”

Rock royalty camping in the mud at Glasto? Has he been camping before?

"Yeah, on the beach with my kids. Alright... in the Caribbean. Yeah, but it’s just the same as Brighton. There’s just less chance of bad weather. We went camping all the time when I was a kid. Camping in France was our family holiday. And we brought baked beans with us, as we didn’t trust that fancy foreign food. We were so totally English.”

Sir Mick reveals he uses social media when it comes to planning their show and finds it useful to ask his Twitter following for input on the set list.

"With Twitter you get so much more feedback. But the kind of people who tweet about songs are not your general fan. Not everyone wants obscure songs. Otherwise, you’ll get everyone else saying. ‘I bought my girlfriend along, and she wants Honky Tonk Women, not the whole of the Satanic Majesties, thanks.’”

The Stones are also performing in Hyde Park this July, having previously played there in 1969. It was guitarist Mick Taylor’s debut gig. Taylor left in the mid-‘70s and was replaced by Ronnie Wood. But he’s back guesting on a couple of songs during these anniversary shows.
"I thought about this yesterday,” he says, "how strange it will be to turn round on stage at Hyde Park and see Mick Taylor there again. But it’s nice. He’s playing very well.”

That afternoon in 1969 Mick famously wore a white dress. "I lost that dress. It vanished years ago,” he says. "I bought two for Hyde Park – a white one and an orange one. The orange one’s in the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, I think.”

Asked if it gets any easier being a Rolling Stone after 50 years he says: "It never gets easier. You’ve always got to prove yourself. You can’t rely on anything you’ve done in the past. Every time you play live, it feels like you’re finding your way again. Then you look at Keith or Charlie and think, ‘Oh it’s OK.’”

Read the full Mick Jagger interview out in Q magazine on sale Tuesday 28th May 2013!

Heading To The US For The Stones?

Reduced price tickets to be made available for North American tour. To accommodate more fans in their "50 and Counting" North American tour, the Stones plan to make seats available for just $85, due to overwhelming demand. The seats ...

You Can’t Always Get What You Want..

And here's the proof! Stones drummer Charlie Watts has said that he doesn't want to play Glastonbury because he doesn't like festivals...