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Paramore Covered Blondie’s ‘Heart Of Glass’ In London

At their gig in London's O2 Arena last Friday, Paramore covered Blondie's track 'Heart Of Glass', mashing it up with their...

The Pretender’s Chrissie Hynde Doesn’t Believe Sexism Exists In Music...

The Pretender's Chrissie Hynde disagree's with female musicians who claim there is an issue of sexism in the music industry. With the...

Paramore’s Hayley Williams On Women In Rock Music

Paramore's Hayley Williams has said "it's amazing to see" the switch in perspective when it comes to female musicians in rock...

Paramore Singer Hayley Williams Discusses Moving Back in With Her...

Paramore singer Hayley Williams has several No. 1 alternative rock hits and a big house to prove it, but last winter, she decided to move back home with her mom.