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Johnny Lydon Describes Lydon As A “Cat Amongst Pigeons”

Johnny Lydon, or otherwise known as Johnny Rotten, has been hitting the media rounds of late and unsurprisingly is being controversial. The...

Bloc Party Release New Video For ‘Virtue’

Bloc Party have released a new video for their track 'Virtue' which is from their newest album. Their latest record Hymns came out...

Bloc Party Release Their New Track ‘Virtue’

Bloc Party have released a new track called 'Virtue' online, which is from their forthcoming album titled Hymns. The new album is...

Bloc Party Reveal New Songs & New Line-up

Bloc Party have played for the first time without original members Gordon Moakes and Matt Tong who recently left the band....

No Tenth Anniversary

Bloc Party's frontman Kele Okereke, has dismissed any rumours of the band returning to mark an anniversary of their debut album. Okereke...