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Woman Found Guilty Of Trying To Slash Another Woman’s Neck

A 37 year old woman has been found guilty of trying to kill another woman by slashing her neck in Dublin....

Metallica Song ‘Battery’ Implicated In Brutal Murder Case

In the states, Chris Watts killed his pregnant wife and their two daughters on Aug. 13th of this year. He then...

Gardaí Issue Fresh Appeal Over Jastine Valdez Murder Case

Gardaí have issued a fresh appeal for help in the Jastine Valdez murder case. They're seeking the public's assistance in finding her...

Gardaí Continue To Investigate Murder In Sligo

A man is still being questioned by Gardaí investigating a murder in Sligo. It's after the discovery of a man's body in...

Gardaí Reopen A Ten Year Old Murder Case

A ten year old murder case has been reopened in Donegal. 27 year old Andrew Burns was shot and killed at Donnyloop...