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Extra Bank Holidays To Be Introduced In Ireland??

There has been a call to introduce three extra Bank Holiday dates into the Irish calender. Bank Holiday Bill This call has been...

“Making A Show Of Himself” Taoiseach Martin Faces Backlash

Micheál Martin has been accused of "making a show of himself". This comes after he claimed that banks were not bailed...

Taoiseach: Student Nurses Treating Covid-19 Patients An Abuse

Taoiseach Mícheal Martin has branded student nurses treating patients of Covid-19, "an abuse".  Martin said it was "wrong", for first year...

PBP Urge Mass turnout At Housing Demo On Saturday

9,724 people were officially homeless in October. The latest figures from the Department of Housing show just under 6,000 of those...

Three Women Die Before Cervical Cancer Related Cases Settled

It's emerged that American labs misread the smears of woman with cancer misdiagnosis cases before the State Claims Agency. The Director of...