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Sessions From Oblivion Featuring – The Camembert Quartet & Mary...

This Sunday’s Sessions From Oblivion was the last instalment of the show! What a fast six weeks! Enjoy the show featuring the legendary...

This Sunday On Sessions From Oblivion

This Sunday Sessions From Oblivion features The Camembert Quartet and Mary Coughlan. Paddy Cullivan is lead singer with the Camembert Quartet, now in...

Sessions From Oblivion – Featuring The Orr Brothers, ELKAE &...

This week’s Sessions From Oblivion features The Orr Brothers and ELKAE. While singer/songwriter Eleanor McEvoy gives her "tips and tricks" of the music...

Sessions From Oblivion – Featuring Bullet Girl & Danny Saber

This week's Sessions From Oblivion features Bullet Girl, a post-punk band from North Dublin. Following the bands set and interview, LA producer...

This Sunday On Session From Oblivion

This Sunday Sessions From Oblivion features music and chats from Bullet Girl while Danny Saber is in the Tips and Tricks hotseat. Saber...

Sessions From Oblivion – Featuring Padraig Jack & Jackie Hayden

Sessions From Oblivion is a digital series promoting musical talent from Ireland during the pandemic. Each week Sessions From Oblivion, will be aired on...

This Sunday On ‘Sessions From Oblivion’

This Sunday Sessions From Oblivion features Padraig Jack who captivates the atmosphere with a guitar and an attentive audience. While Jackie Hayden...