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Arnold Schwarzenegger Could “Clearly” Win 2024 Presidential Election

Arnold Schwarzenegger has said that he can "so clearly" see how he could win the 2024 Presidential election, if he was...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Criticises Recent Terminator Sequels

Arnold Schwarzenegger has criticised the Terminator sequels Genisys and Dark Fate, claiming they were "not well written". The actor who starred in every...

Slash Shoots Down GNR Rumour Of ‘Terminator’ Song

Guns N’ Roses axeman Slash said there was absolutely no truth to the rumor that the rockers had worked on a...

Rumour: GNR Tipped For Track For New Terminator Film

A rumour about Guns N' Roses is doing the rounds after a mysterious post on a GNR message board. The comment stated...