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Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge Believes In Aliens

Blink 182's former guitarist & co-frontman Tom Delonge has been speaking about aliens and conspiracies. Tom definitely thinks 'the truth is out...

Tom Delonge Tells His Side Of The Blink 182 Story

Blink 182's guitarist & co-frontman Tom Delonge has posted a statement about the accusations made by his bandmates. Yesterday, Mark Hoppus and...

Blink 182 Slam Bandmate Tom Delonge

After a night of total confusion, with rumours flying all over the place, it has finally been confirmed that Blink 182's...

Blink 182 Will Record Their New LP In An Unconventional...

Blink 182's guitarist-vocalist Tom DeLonge, says the band are recording their new album, although they're working on it in an  unconventional...

Blink 182 To Begin Recording Their New LP

Californian rock band Blink 182 have revealed they are set to start working on a new album in the coming weeks. Blink 182's...

I Miss You Blink-182

Blink-182 have a new album in the pipeline, if you've been longing for new material from the San Diego rockers the...