Taoiseach Martin To Skip Paddy’s Day Jaunt Over to D.C. After All

Fianna Fáil - Micheal Martin

The Taoiseach will not be travelling to Washington to meet Joe Biden on St Patrick’s Day.

It’ll be the first time in many decades that both leaders from Ireland and the U.S. have not met on our national holiday in order to continue diplomacy and stategic development wrapped up the guise of a presentation of shamrocks in a bowl to the sitting chief in the White House.

COVID-19’s deathly grip has put paid to Micheál Martin’s hopes and dreams this time with the virus highly prevalent in both nations.

Just last year in Washington the then-Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced the first shutdown of the schools.

Officials here and in Washington DC are currently working out how best to mark the day, they say.

Yesterday Mr Martin told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland that he will visit the White House next month if he is invited.

If I’m invited, I will go.’

Alas a zoom call with president Biden will have to suffice instead.