Taoiseach Says Dame Lane Shame Could Hold Up Pub Reopenings

Taoiseach Micheal Martin

The Taoiseach Micheál Martin has warned the full re-opening of pubs could be delayed.

He’s hit out at the scenes over the weekend, where hundreds of people gathered to drink in some locations and especially at Dame Lane in Dublin.

Mr. Martin said the Government is worried about scenes in Dublin over the weekend where social distancing and, in some cases, opening hours were not being complied with.

Pubs are due to fully re-open on July 20th.

But speaking today he said that may not now go ahead.

“Now it has to be said that in general, the majority of licencees were compliant, but there were breaches of the regulations – and that is a big worry”.

“As you know, the full opening was to take place on July 20th and people do need to behave,” he said.

“It could be delayed, yes, and we will get advice from the public health officials.

“We are worried about it and some of the scenes that were witnessed are just very worrying, because social distancing was not being complied with at all during a number of the inceptions.

“And the opening hours weren’t being adhered to, either”.