Taoiseach Simon Harris Calls Bomb Threat On Home ‘Totally Unacceptable’


Taoiseach Simon Harris has branded the recent bomb threat made against his family as “totally unacceptable”. 

On Wednesday, a person phoned the Samaritans helpline to report that a bomb had been placed at the Mr Harris’ home. They also provided a code word.

Simon Harris’ wife and children were present at the property at the time.

After Gardaí searched the Taoiseach’s home, no device was found, and his family did not have to evacuate.

This was the latest incident in which a politician was targeted. Justice Minister Helen McEntee also received several hoax bomb threats, with her family forced to evacuate her home on different occasions.

Reacting to this incident involving Mr Harris, Helen McEntee called the bomb threat “deplorable”, and said that threats of this nature are becoming more common for politicians.

Adding that she was pleased that: “everyone is safe, and everyone is well”, Ms McEntee said: “It can’t be tolerated, it’s not acceptable and everything has to be done to make sure anyone responsible for that should be held accountable. That’s it end of, it will not be tolerated”. 

Harris Blasts “utterly unacceptable situation”

Speaking in Brussels, Taoiseach Simon Harris spoke of his disgust over the incident.

“I have young children, I have a wife, and this is an utterly unacceptable situation”, he said.

Mr Harris also added that everyone, including the media, “need to reflect on how we sometimes comment on these matters”.

He also added: “If masked men turn up outside your house, it wouldn’t be described as a protest. It’s not a protest when it happens outside my house either”. 

The Taoiseach also felt that the word “hoax” was not a “fair word” to use, “because I have no doubt these things are done to intimidate and to upset”.

He also explained that he will be moving home, stating that “this situation can’t be allowed to continue”.

Finance Minister Jack Chambers also called this bomb threat a “shocking incident”.

In recent weeks, far-right protestors have gathered near Mr Harris’ home, which Gardaí are investigating as harassment.

A group of people wearing masks arrived at the house, with three arrests being made as part of Garda investigations into intimidation and harassment.