Temporary Mortuaries Being Prepared For Surge In Covid-19 Deaths

Covid-19- Fusion Medical Animation via Upsplash

The government will compassionately prepare for the inclusion of temporary mortuary facilities in the event of a surge in deaths due to coronavirus.

To date nine people have died as a result of covid-19, while there are now 1,564 confirmed cases.

The government says it is now preparing to put the necessary medical infrastructure in place to cope with the expected surge in cases.

Chair of the Senior Officials Group for the Covid-19 Emergency Response, Liz Canavan, says this includes setting up temporary mortuary facilities.

“We are preparing for the wider issues of the surge, including the sensitive issue of temporary mortuary facilities.

“A group of senior officials from across government and relative agencies is working together on this matter, and is guided and informed by the need for compassion and care of families who will be affected.”