Tenerife Dentists Swamped for Unwanted Appointments by Irish Wasters

Dentist - Tenerife - Clinica Dental Sur via Facebook

A dental clinic in Tenerife is being inundated with Irish people booking appointments, without showing up, in a bid to circumvent Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Clinica Dental Sur in Tenerife are seeing more than five bookings from Irish people every day with locals or genuine cases now missing out because of Irish people looking for an excuse to come for a holiday.

Clinica Dental has been receiving a lot of emails and phone calls from Ireland, with the nub of the matter a request for an email to certify that they had an appointment.

The important clinical details i.e. time and date are both requested as essential to underpin their request, before they ultimately discard it.

The Government has gone to great lengths to clamp down on non-essential international travel in the fight against the pandemic.

The emergence of new strains of the coronavirus, and fears some of them could be resistant to vaccines, has led to even tougher travel restrictions.

Fines for non-essential travel are set to increase from 500 euro to 2,000 euro.

Essential reasons for travelling can include healthcare, and it now appears some people are exploiting this as a loophole.

The practice has said that’s its been getting up to seven emails and phone calls from Irish people every day, most of them from young people.