Tesco Give Update On Redevelopment In Phibsborough


Developer MM Capital has accused Tesco Ireland of halting the progress of the €50m plan for the redevelopment of the stadium and Phibsborough Shopping Centre.

Tesco has always claimed they have been seeking to maintain deliveries for their store.

Locals in the area have said the redevelopment of the shopping centre is vital.

There have been growing concerns the plans could be shelved as a row between the developers and Tesco continues.

Now Tesco has given an update regarding their meeting with MM Capital:

“We have been consistent across all our numerous dealings with the developer over several years and right up to today. From the outset, like some other local stakeholders, we welcomed the proposed scheme provided always that operational issues were satisfactorily resolved.

We continue to engage with the developer, as we have, from the outset in good faith to see if the scheme could be made to work from an operational perspective.

Our position has been on record throughout the very extended planning process and remains the same today with no fresh demands made by us. The development, while acceptable to Tesco in principle, cannot proceed until an agreed final design resolving operational issues, legal property rights and issues of concern to other local residents is provided by the developer.

From the outset, we have been seeking to maintain deliveries for our store.  While we welcome development for Phibsborough, the developer here was undermining our ability to trade and impacting negatively on property rights. A reinvestment plan has been developed by Tesco for the store, however, this has been delayed due to the uncertainty around the developer’s proposals.”