The ★★★★★ Philo Film You Must See!


Finally it’s here! After almost a year of covid delays and nonsense,  PHIL LYNOTT: SONGS FOR WHILE I’M AWAY is in your socially distanced and safe cinema today!

This is the feature documentary about the life and music of Phil Lynott, telling the story of how a young black boy from working class 1950’s Dublin, became Ireland’s greatest Rock Star.

It is THE rock-umentary you MUST see and I had a chat with Directer Emer Reynolds who explained the inspiration for the film.

PHIL LYNOTT: SONGS FOR WHILE I’M AWAY is told extensively through the words of Phil himself with never before heard interviews. The film also gets to the heart of ‘Philo’ as a father with rare and raw chats with his daughters which are tear jerking. Then of cause there is a cavalcade of music stars and big names who all have a lot to say and a lot of love for Lynott incudling

PHIL LYNOTT: SONGS FOR WHILE I’M AWAY, is finally now showing in cinemas everywhere. Don’t believe a word …just see it!…If you’re still in love with Philo you will LOVE this!