“The Band I’m Sure Hates Me” Axl Rose Reveals The Future Of GNR


As Guns N’ Roses’ were completing their Not In This Lifetime tour in Honolulu, Hawaii last weekend, frontman Axl Rose revealed if GNR would continue after the end of the final show of the tour.

The future looks bright for Guns N’ Roses fans, according to Alternative Nation, Axl informed the crowd,

“I want to thank you[…]I want to thank the band that I’m sure hates me. I want to thank Opie and our crew[…]we hope to keep this thing running, so we’ll see what happens next. We had to get through this first, and you helped us do that. We can’t do what’s next until we finish this.”

As AN point out, Rose was joking when he said the group hated him, so it looks good for Guns N’ Roses’ future. Fingers crossed it will be in the form of a new record. Slash recently opened up about working on new Guns N’ Roses tracks, but said that there weren’t any solid plans on the table for a new record. A few years ago, Axl Rose claimed that he had played new songs he had been writing over the years to Slash and Duff McKagan. Axl Rose has many unreleased songs from the Chinese Democracy sessions, and the decade following the release of the album. Here’s hoping Axl focuses on the folder marked ‘After Chinese Democracy’.

Transcript: Alternative Nation

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