The Bodytonic Team Open Jam Park

Bodytonic Team Open Jam Park

Jam Park, Ireland’s first multi-experience destination venue is set to open its doors at the start of May. An always-on adults playground, Jam Park is a one-stop shop where you can eat, drink, play and dance, day and night all under one roof.

Incomparable to anything the city has seen before, this is the latest offering from Bodytonic, the team behind festival favourites Beatyard and The Big Grill along with popular Dublin spots The Bernard Shaw, Wigwam and Eatyard. In an era when it seems Dublin city centre is losing venues by the week, Bodytonic have plans to open more spaces, just in sites and areas you might not expect them to.

The site, which was previously the Wright Venue, Swords has been completely reimagined casting out every last vestige of its predecessor in favour of a more casual, upbeat and ever-evolving look and feel throughout the multistory location.


The main event space is located on the first floor and is set to play host to a full schedule of concerts, comedy gigs, talks, screenings, conferences, quizzes, parties, art & science exhibitions as well as private activations. Though it can be made more intimate, at full capacity the room holds up to 1200 and includes three bars and a beautiful outdoor terrace.

On the second floor of Jam Park, try your hand at crazy disco golf, ping pong, shuffleboard, darts, escape rooms, over 50 board games and a revolving choice of carnival, circus and interactive games. There is also a selection of private rooms for parties, karaoke, meetings or just hanging out with friends.

The Jam Park Eatery and open air, fully heated rooftop terrace can be found on level three offering delicious dishes and snacks throughout the day of the style and calibre that Bodytonic is famed for. Think innovative street and comfort food that will have you jonesing for seconds. The warmer weather will bring outdoor cinema, parties and BBQs to the rooftop of this epic venue.

And finally, with a view to becoming change leaders and community builders, Bodytonic is proposing a sustainable and environmentally friendly working organic farm on the rooftop of Jam Park. With endless potential, the team see this as an area for educational workshops, beautiful events, produce for the venue’s food and beverage offering as well a unique way to help to offset their carbon footprint and remain environmentally responsible.

Speaking about the new venue, Bodytonic’s Events Director, Eoin Cregan said:

“We’re really excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on. Jam Park is the first of its kind in Ireland and we’ll aim to get better and better as the months go on – it will take a while to bed everything in. It’s a big project, we don’t have all the answers, all we have is ideas, notions, a brilliant time and not a huge amount of sense. What we definitely know is that people are going to have a lot of fun in Jam Park – it’s absolutely the place for that!”

Inspired by multi-activity venues around the world, such as Elsewhere, Industry City & Pioneer Works, New York, Archie Brother’s, Melbourne, and Depot Cardiff and Constellations Liverpool,  Jam Park is set to transform the suburb of Swords into one of Dublin’s top social destinations. It will continue to honour the relaxed, inclusive atmosphere Dubliners have come to love and expect from the team at Bodytonic – a group that continues to brazenly experiment and learn, boldly innovate and constantly create. @jamparkdublin