The Libertines Reveal New Short Film


English rockers the Libertines unveil their new short ‘visual history’ film, the movie is all about the band’s lazarus like comeback, charting their progression and their most recent tour.

The short film is directed by Roger Sargent, who previously worked with the likely lads on a documentary about the band’s 2010 reunion, titled ‘Libertines: There Are No Innocent Bystanders’, that was released in 2011.

Over the past week, the Libertines have been posting a series of vague quotes and old photos on their various social media sites. The cryptic teasers included lines such as “We’re on a journey; that journey is good ship Albion…”, “I know Carl cares deeply, really about what we achieved,” and “The greatest achievement I’ve done, basically, needs me to be entwined with him…”

Today the likely lads posted their “wonderful” short film about the band on YouTube, by photographer and filmmaker Roger Sargent.

The film was shown to 65,000 fans at London’s Hyde Park concert during the summer. Speaking about the film, Sargent said: “I made this short film to be shown before the Hyde Park show and wanted it to convey how important the band are, how much we missed them and how good it was too have them back.”

The 15 minute clip includes photos from Sargent’s massive collection, unheard interviews with the group from his 2011 documentary and footage from the Libertines’ 2010 reunion gigs and the notorious ‘freedom gig’ at Chatham’s Tap’n’Tin in 2003.

Watch the Libertines’ short film below.