The New Nova Noise On Morning Glory


They’re here! Cereal messers PJ Gallagher and Jim McCabe are now part of the team in Nova Towers with ‘Morning Glory’ every weekday morning.

The lads have all your news, sport, weather & traffic covered… plus great craic and the most seriously addictive music in town!

They are also the only lads that let you play the NEW NOVA NOISE just after the news at 7am and 8am each weekday morning.

Listen to the noise here and if you think you know what it is just call 440 4100 when they say on air for your chance to guess and win.

The jackpot is CURRENTLY worth €1050!


  • 2 horses with a carriage on the streets of Dublin
  • Cat doing it’s nails on a scratching post
  • Opening a brown envelope
  • Opening a folder and putting paper into it
  • Peeling a carrot
  • Empty toilet roll spinning
  • Laminating machine
  • Chewing on cornlflakes
  • Wheel on a computer mouse
  • Re-coiling hoover cord
  • A horse
  • Grating a carrot
  • Crunching cardboard
  • Lintroller
  • Breaking up an egg box
  • Opening a cardboard box
  • Old credit card machine
  • Opening a box of tea bags
  • Opening a cardboard box from delivery driver
  • Hamster in the wheel
  • Box of coffee capsules being opened
  • Cutting cabbage
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