The Ubiquitously Stupid ‘Happy Friday’ Greeting Is Aggravating Workers Survey Reveals

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Happy Friday! has been revealed as one of the most annoying email habits of 2022.

The similarly irritating ‘I’m not sure if you saw my last email‘ were also included in the list of irritating habits in a survey of a terrible email behaviour by HR Buddy.

Top 3 most annoying email habits:
  2. CC’ing people that do not need to be involved
  3. Using emojis…..
Top 3 most annoying common phrases in emails:
  • ”Not sure if you saw my last email”
  • ”Just looping in”
  • As previously stated”

CEO of HR Buddy, Damien McCarthy, says remote and hybrid working has greatly impacted the norms associated with using emails.

He says “one of the most annoying habits is CCing people into an email and they don’t need to be CC’d in at all.”

It seems that an awful lot of us are CC’ing people into emails when they don’t actually need to be there.

I suppose that might come out of the insecurity of 2022, as we returned to the workplace after Covid and so on, and having a mixed up form of working. Maybe managers weren’t sure and were worried about communications within teams.”