Third Dublin City Centre Construction Site Is Shut Amid Latest Covid Case

Photo by Silvia Brazzoduro on Unsplash

A third construction site in Dublin has been shut down after a worker tested positive for Covid-19. The developer  was notifed of this morning.

A hotel is being built by The Elliot Group on this site on South Great George Street in the city centre.

The developer says it was made aware this morning by a subcontractor that a worker had tested positive for the virus.

The Elliot Group says the site will undergo electro-static decontamination tomorrow morning, and it is waiting for further instructions from the HSE.

All workers have been told to undergo testing for Covid-19.

Earlier this week another two separate sites were closed down in Dublin after workers tested positive for the virus.

The Construction Industry Federation Chairman Tom Parlon is concerned by the latest development:

”Certainly its a concern but we’ve had discussions with the HSE today and they say that unfortunately with covid in the community that’s going to be a continual fact of life now. We are developing some new guidelines to be you know, to come forward from the HSE in the next few days that site operators will be able to manage. They’re saying that they are not in favour of sites closing.”