It’s Budget Day


Today’s budget will be worth around €5 a week to workers.

A mix of tax cuts and spending increases in housing and health will make up the spine of Paschal Donohoe’s announcement.

The total spend is expected to come to €1.4 or 1.5 billion.


It’s an election budget that has something small for everyone in the audience.

An affordable housing package, a granny flat scheme and tax breaks for landlords are on the way in housing.

100,000 people will benefit from free GP care, there will be money for abortion services and HPV testing in health along with €55 million for mental health.

€90 million will go towards the affordable childcare scheme to make 16,000 more children eligible.

A €5 across the board rise in social welfare payments will go along with two weeks extra parental leave from next year.

USC will fall and the threshold at which people start paying the higher level of tax will rise.

Hotels, bars and restaurants will see their VAT rate hiked to €13.5%.

Cigarettes will be 50 cent a pack more expensive and €500 million will be stashed in the rainy day fund.