Tool Release New Video Footage


Tool celebrated April Fools yesterday, by releasing a video that actually featured some real new studio footage. You can witness the moment in rock history below.

Adam Jones wrote on Instagram, ‘~ Ok ~ Here’s a new #Tool song* Just recording the Drums w guitar & bass scratch tracks. Don’t judge the sound – it’s not mixed yet… @eviljoebarresi at the controls. Enjoy️’

In an effort to move things forward, in what appears to be an eternal music writing process, Maynard James Keenan has enlisted the help of Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar to temporarily replace him as the singer for the slow moving rock behemoth that is Tool. In a post on social media, Keenan said,

‘There seems to be this invisible speed limit we’ve been holding ourselves to. I believe Sammy can help us get all pistons firing and break some sound barriers. Sammy is the only vocalist I’m aware of that was able to take an already established Van Halen an even greater distance. Hopefully this shift will help speed things along.’